Advantages of Topical Pain Therapy – May 2017

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Advantages of Topical Pain Therapy

There are a number of advantages of using topical pain creams/gels instead of oral pain relievers in tablet, capsule or liquid form:

  • Can be applied locally only on the area where pain relief is needed.
  • Fast onset of action.
  • Higher concentration of the analgesic in the pain area.
  • Low or no systemic drug levels means fewer or no side effects.
  • Absence of drug-drug interactions.
  • Ease of combining multiple medications into one formulation for synergistic benefits.
  • Provide an option for those unable to swallow or have difficulty swallowing.
  • Avoid the initial breakdown of the medication by the liver
    (first pass metabolism).
  • Improvement of compliance.
  • No risk of dependency or abuse.

Combinations of compatible drugs improve the chances of achieving a good therapeutic response. Optimization of a customized formulation by using the proper base/vehicle for topical or transdermal delivery is essential to achieve the best therapeutic response.

If you or a family member or friend are suffering from chronic pain, talk to our compounding pharmacist. We will work together with patient and physicians to customize therapies to meet each individual’s needs without unnecessary fillers, dyes, or other problem causing excipients.

Reference: J Pain Res. 2017 Mar 20; 10:63 5-641.


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