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Pharmacy Solutions Is Closing, Effective December 29, 2023

Please Learn More About Filling Your Prescriptions at Our Sister Pharmacy - Women's International Pharmacy in Madison, WI

After more than 20 years of serving the community, Pharmacy Solutions will be closing for business and will no longer fill prescriptions. To best serve our patients and providers, please consider having your medications compounded by our sister pharmacy - Women's International Pharmacy in Madison, Wisconsin.

To learn more about Women's International Pharmacy in Wisconsin, visit the website:, call 800-279-5708, or email:

Need a Refill Now?

We encourage you to submit any upcoming refills as soon as possible. All prescriptions and refill requests must be received by Friday, December 15, 2023, to ensure you receive medications without delay. You can refill by reaching Pharmacy Solutions directly by:

734-821-8000 Phone
877 RXSOLNS Toll Free
877-797-6567 Toll Free
734-821-8001 Fax
877-274-3919 Toll Free Fax

It has been an honor to serve the community for the past 22 years. We look forward to serving you at Women's International Pharmacy.