Personalized Prescribing

Genetic Testing to Maximize Drug Therapy

Medications: One Size Does Not Fit All

Everyone has unique, complex genetic characteristics. We typically think of these as things that determine our eye color or whether we are likely to develop certain diseases and disorders. However, genetics also affect how we respond to most commonly prescribed medications.

More than 75% of people have genetic variations that determine how their bodies process and use drugs. This applies not only to prescription medications, but also to over-the-counter medicines, herbal and dietary supplements, and recreational drugs such as marijuana.

Because of these genetic differences, two people can take the same dose of the same drug, but respond in very different ways. For example, the drug might work very well for one person, but not at all for another. Or the drug might cause side effects for one person, but not for someone else.

In some cases, drug-related side effects can be serious or cause death – even though the drug was prescribed correctly by the doctor and used correctly by the patient. People who take several different drugs face an even greater risk of dangerous side effects, especially if they are over 65 years of age.

Each year, millions of people are hospitalized because of dangerous side effects caused by drugs. In fact, serious drug-related effects are the 4th leading cause of death in the US.

Pharmacy Solutions is working with Genelex to provide patients with their personal prescribing system – YouScript®.

YouScript® : It’s All About You

Now there is a simple genetic test that can help your doctor determine which drugs and doses are right for you.

YouScript® Precision Prescribing starts with a painless cheek swab done by your doctor or pharmacist. The swabs are then sent to our genetic testing laboratory to determine your unique drug-processing genetic characteristics.

Your healthcare provider will receive a report with your results and detailed recommendations for possible changes to your drug regimen or dosages. YouScript® can help you and your physician:

  • Improve the effectiveness of the medications you take;
  • Reduce negative side effects;
  • Prevent serious drug reactions; and
  • Avoid buying and using drugs that won’t work for you.

Every YouScript® Precision Prescribing Plan comes with:

  • Wallet cards to help you share your drug processing information with all your healthcare providers;
  • Secure online access to your results so healthcare providers can make safer, more informed prescribing decisions based on your unique genetic characteristics; and
  • Support from a team of licensed pharmacists and precision prescribing specialists.

Could YouScript® Help You?

You can take the first step to understanding which drugs are right for you by downloading and completing the YouScript Risk Assessment. Based on your results, your healthcare provider may recommend genetic testing.

Note: Testing requires a prescription from an authorized healthcare provider.

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Compounded Medications

Healthcare professionals realize that commercially available medications are limited or at times are unable to meet unique patient needs. Pharmacy Solutions cooperates with practitioners of every medical discipline, to customize (i.e. compound) strengths and delivery methods of medications needed to treat patients individually.

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